Stella Continues To Expand

Stella Continues To Expand
By stella
01st Aug 2022
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Stella is a team of medical doctors, psychologists, patient care coordinators, and tireless advocates who are on a mission to create a world where no person needlessly suffers from symptoms following trauma. 

To help meet our goals,  measured by lives changed, we must continue to grow, learn, adapt and expand.

Stella has treated over 5,000 people worldwide in the United States, Israel, and Australia. We’ve partnered with over 50+ providers to make SGB and Ketamine as accessible as possible to those in need and work with over 20+ non-profits to help fund care.

To expand our care, we must expand our team. Recently, Stella has made six key hires to help grow our services offerings, find ways to make treatments more affordable, and change more lives.

Meet some of the newest members who share in our mission to eradicate needless suffering:

Chairman of Board of Directors

“I first learned of procedures such as Stellate Ganglion Block through our veteran’s health care system and eventually when one of my own relatives received significant relief from Stella’s care.” Basu continued, “I hope to help Stella help make life better and healthier for the far too many human beings suffering emotional trauma.”

Dr. Pat Basu currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global (CTCA) and is a highly-regarded business leader who has led organizations in the public, private, nonprofit, and government sectors. He has overseen organizations that collectively have delivered care or managed care for over 25 million Americans annually. These include serving as a leader at two large national healthcare providers, a Fortune 10 managed care organization, helping launch a major virtual health company, and leading investments in the health, technology, and services sectors.

Chief Executive Officer 

“Mental trauma is a global health crisis that most of us experience in our everyday lives leading to painful personal afflictions with large societal costs,” said Philippe Sanchez, CEO at Stella. “I’m very proud to join a pioneering company like Stella. Working closely with the largest network of SGB and trauma-informed mental health care providers in the US, we will deliver more breakthrough treatments for emotional trauma that will save lives, build stronger families and communities, and bring back hope to those who suffer from symptoms.”

As CEO, Sanchez will chart out Stella’s expansion and position the company as a leader in the mental health space by prioritizing the research of emotional traumas and its biological precision treatments. Sanchez is a seasoned Chief Executive and has served early-stage organizations in the healthcare, multi-unit retail, and technology sectors for the past 20+ years. His career spans several industries, and he has a track record of leading international global organizations, working with world-class brands such as Nike, Disney, Starbucks, and Getty Images.

People Manager

“Since joining Stella, I was immediately drawn to and inspired by each of our team members’ alignment with the company’s mission and values. I observe these values on a regular basis: leading with compassion, respect, trust, innovation, and results-oriented. I am thrilled to witness and be part of this fantastic organization focused on making a difference in each patient’s journey toward mental health and well-being.”

Veronica Noyola comes to us as a Human Resource leader with over 20 years of operational management experience and proven success coaching and motivating teams. She is passionate about building people organizations through culture, process, and systems that drive operational efficiencies. As a culture champion, Veronica works to create equitable environments where she effectively balances supporting the needs of employees with organizational objectives. 

Chief Product Officer

“I’m thrilled to join Stella.  Psychological trauma affects people and society profoundly, and I am grateful for the opportunity to put my experience and energy in service of so many people in need.”

Before Stella, David focused on building products (and companies) that empower people to improve their health and well-being. Most recently, he worked as a product consultant, helping health technology companies in sectors like digital therapeutics and physical therapy to define new products and improve patient adherence and service design. 

Before that, David worked on technology startups from idea stage to large scale and led new product initiatives at Intuit. He was the founding head of product at Limeade, an employee well-being company serving large organizations like Kindred Healthcare and the State of Washington. Earlier, he was on the founding team and led product at QuickBase, a workgroup collaboration tool acquired by Intuit.

Head of New Patient Acquisition

“I joined Stella because of the mission.  Trauma is something that is very close to me. I think it is amazing that this group, full of determination, has set out to conquer the enormous task of bringing a sense of hope and relief to those suffering.  I am grateful to be part of the experience.”

Tara comes to Stella with 25 years of customer and operational experience. She has served as Director of Operations for the American Academy of Dermatology, Director of Member Services at Periodontology, and Customer Service Manager at OrthoMolecular products. Through her involvement with these organizations, she has gained a true understanding of processes, systems, and the importance of cohesive planning as it pertains to the overall success of the organization. Her commitment to staff development through relationship building, supporting goals, and personal development have held her in the highest regard by her staff. 

Tara is a professional member of CXPA and a state Baldrige examiner. In her spare time, she enjoys time outdoors, cookouts with her kids, and reading.

Senior Product Manager

“If I had to sum up my experience with Stella so far, it would probably be “collaboration”. The company and all employees seem eager to view each other as humans with whole lives and experiences besides just work. We are actually encouraged to bring our whole selves here. It has been incredibly rewarding to work at a company that has such a grand goal of helping and also has a healthy work environment full of support. I am so happy to be a part of this company’s evolution and excited to be aiding from the technology side of the house.”

Elizabeth Gombosi began her career at UBS Investment Bank while enrolled in a work/study program in London. She worked within their change management department and operated within the financial space for years after. From Financial Planning to Credit Card Processing, she realized that the Product Management discipline was her passion but wanted to find a subject matter that matched. After moving into the healthcare data space, she came to the conclusion that not every area within Healthcare creates the same type of beneficial change for a patient. 

When hearing about Stella and their mission to aid in the healing of PTS and Trauma, it felt like the perfect blend. She is excited to join the team and to be a part of such meaningful work; with mental health as the cornerstone of human wellbeing. 

She lives in the Philadelphia area with her 3-year-old Black Lab mix and Fiance. Elizabeth loves to cook, hike, travel, and picks up random interests/hobbies every few months. 

Explore our open positions now and join us in our mission to eradicate the needless suffering caused by emotional trauma.


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