In the Press: A PTSD Treatment Hiding in Plain Sight

In the Press: A PTSD Treatment Hiding in Plain Sight
By stella
11th Feb 2022
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On January 3rd, 2022, published an interview retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Nelson Martinez and Stella’s Chief Psychologist Dr. Shauna Springer about the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) and its healing potential in the military community. Read on to learn what the pair has to say about Stella’s breakthrough PTSD (which Stella refers to as PTSI) treatment or watch the full segment here

What Lead Martinez to Stella

During his tours of combat in Iraq and Afganistan, Martinez was ambused and injured in the line of duty. While Martinez was trained to handle situations on the battlefield, he was not prepared for the transition back to civilian life. 

Once home, he struggled with survivor’s guilt despite his best effort to stay busy and push through. Martinez lost fellow Marines in battle and by suicide. He wanted to honor his fallen brothers and sisters by healing himself. 

After exploring his treatment options, Martinez decided that medication was not for him. He was drawn to the SGB by Stella because it’s a 20-minute procedure that’s effective for over 83% of people.1

Here’s Dr. Springer take on SGB:

“SGB is revolutionary. It’s one of the most promising things I’ve seen to treat trauma symptoms, and it’s been hiding in plain sight.”

How Does SGB Work?

SGB is an injection of local anesthetic into the stellate ganglion – a bundle of nerves in the neck – that helps restore normal biological function and can efficiently relieve even the most severe trauma symptoms. 

Dr. Springer notes that the best results come from combining SGB with therapy. 
You can learn more about how the procedure works, its benefits, and how it can complement your treatment plan in this article.

Martinez’s Life After SGB

After treatment, Martinez’s gradually felt more calm. He told

“In simple terms, I feel great. My thoughts are clearer. I’m able to focus on things one at a time instead of everything racing through my head.”

Martinez’s progress fulfills his promise to his fellow Marines and offers hope to the veteran community.
Dr. Springer highlighted the fact that SGB is for anyone who suffers from trauma symptoms, not just veterans.

Watch the full segment here.

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